Mecool KM2 questions

Trying to setup a KM2 for a friend. This is the second one I have setup. No problems with the first, downloaded Kodi and a couple of other APKs works great. This one though seems to just say download is pending. Not sure about that. Internet is working well. Probably already answered somewhere but can’t find it. Thanks

If your using the RAI it may be having an issue. try the box to the left in downloader to input your info for the app

Now it’s hanging up at 99%. Downloading through the Google Playstore Can’t seem to find just Google to go to the apps website

have you turned off play protect and allowed unknown sources?

Oh yes, I presumed you had already done this so that may be the problem. Thanks TX

Fixed after looking around uninstalled google info and reinstalled. Works DUH!!!

Just curious as this has no relevance to your issue…did you install a memory stick to expand? I did mine and it’s working great

This is also a bit off topic on the KM2 setup. Could you copy all the apps etc from one KM2 to another KM2 by loading the apps onto a memory stick and then loading into new KM2?

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Yes . Ive done it plenty of times in the past . You’ll have to download es file manager . Note that if you want to transfer a Kodi build that you must install Kodi on the target device so that there is a footprint for the build to drop itself onto. Good luck

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