MECOOL KD3 Picture and Text Fuzzy

Just received a new KD3 MECOOL 4K Stick
Seems to be working OK, but the picture quality is bad. I have another MECOOL box a KM6 on another input and it is fine, it is not my TV. TV is a 50" JVC Roku and that is good quality. I have tried all the settings in the MECOOL KD3 and no change. I did a factory restart on the box, no change. Picture is fuzzy and the text is almost unreadable. Also tried replacing the wiring for the KD3.

Hey @jflinternet Not sure if the wiring you replaced was just power or also video…so…plug your KD3 into the KM6 HDMI port (known to be good) with the KM6 HDMI cable (also known to be good). Any tv can have a bad hdmi port & any hdmi cable can be bad…so I would try that first…if you haven’t already.

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Thanks pangaeatech, did the switch and while doing it I found the problem, I had changed the wires, but did not change the USB adaptor that plugs into the wall. The one that came with the KD3 was bad. Replaced it and works fine now. Thanks for the help. Sometimes its the simple little things that are the hardest.


Copy that @jflinternet I used to have to do a ton of troubleshooting in my old telecom job & I quickly learned to eliminate all the easy stuff first…cause most of the time it was something easy. Glad you got everything back workin’… :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:

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