MECOOL KD3 any good and solid


Anyone has this KD3 device if so what positives feed back up on this new stick , it can use has apportable for traveling old sold out so it must buy google certifield also ?


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Last September I bought 2 KM6 boxes. One works fine the other started blacking out for about 3 to 5 seconds and comes back. At first it was only when I changed channels but it started happening randomly. Yes I contacted customer service and for two months we went back and forth and l did everything they said to no avail. My advice would be to stay away from Mecool for fear of using their customer service. Saying their customer service doesnt exist would be saying too much. I might just go back to my fire sticks.

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Hello @marko1965 I’ve been going back and forth with MECOOL about this device. It is showing as sold out right now but they haven’t even started selling it yet. They are dealing with Google certification problems and will send one to us to review once it’s ready to go.

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