Mandatory VPN Detection Tools? Latest US Copyright Inquiry

Mandatory VPN Detection Tools? This is one of the latest inquiries to the US Copyright Office.

I believe this will be the forefront to vpn cloaking…or masking the vpn. The tech is already here…will it lead to this? maybe


The future is here! I think it will come down to your own ISP monitoring this. I get my service from a small family owned phone company. I don’t think they care because I have been using a VPN for years and I have never gotten any notice from them. However, they like a number of companies buy their access to the net thru a much larger company. This is where there might be a sticking point. Will the larger companies be able to monitor traffic from the companies they sell to? Will they install tracking software and force these companies to do something about this? Who knows

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Thats been around for awhile. As mentioned above. But its not inforced unless you use netflix or something. If the us tried to make this a possible that would be a absolute nightmare and your so called freedoms you are legally entitled too would be one step closer to gone. Sounds like they want total control of internet. Canada is trying this crap.

And no this isnt political just a statment. Vpn detection has been around awhile using it as standard to criminalize normal humans for their right to privacy on the internet is not okay wether you like it or not.

Any major company can monitor anyone using their lines. I worked for one of the biggest here in Canada and the smaller ones who used our services or lines we could see including account info. it’s a monopoly and it sucks.

this is already happening,i have spectrum cable and when i would turn on ipvanish my connection would die after awhile,i went into the settings and switched open vpn protocol to scramble and it stopped happening. just to test i switched back and it started happening again,so spectrum can detect when you’re using a vpn…i never had to use scramble before and i found that info about it on this site!
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To be fair any telecommunications can detect or tell if you are on a vpn. Its blocking you for having one is the issue.