Mad Titan down on my FS

MT not working at all for me.
Same for others?
Any info?

I’ve just tried the live tv and it works, but no sports playing or movies, I don’t normally use this app as personally for me it’s useless.

Were you looking for something specific or just testing Mad Titan in general? Regardless, whatever was not working, I’m sure there was an addon that was working that had what you wanted. Keep a backup addon installed for what you like and with a click you can be up and watching. To answer your question specifically, I tested a number of categories on MT and it seems to be working fine now. I don’t us FS though.

Thank you for responding. It came back to life later in the day. Should have just waited a bit before posting. Next time.

Freely maintained sources come and go. Nothing you can do but wait and hope its not down.

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