M3uglobal playlist inaccessible

Using IPTV Smarters Pro, today the m3uglobal hosted at Troypoint is inaccesssible. Is there a new URL?


No but if referring to free IPTV. Here arr few links for free m3u urls you can try, any m3u url from any category provided by GitHub.
GitHub Free IPTV

Another link you can use by just clicking on the country, download list to your drive, then uploaded to your IPTV player.

This can also be done from IPTV Smarters.If you choose this one you will be allowed maximum 300 channels.
My Cat :smiley_cat:

So the best way to do that is by selecting a channel added to the list after selecting you’re favorite channels which is maximum 300 it will be showing in the right colomn of the screen from there you can download your new selected list.

Note: If you want more then 300 channels you have to download them separately and convert them m3u/4/8 url you can do that in later steps.
Personally I don’t need more than 50 favorite channels this is good enough for me.

One more. There’s another excellent IPTV Player
Tivimate this is selected by TP for the best IPTV Player which you can try, free or payed version.
Tivimate IPTV Player

UK channel Playlists downloaded via IPTVcat are not a longterm solution and you loose most decent channel links with two weeks.

correct iptv cat or any other free list cant be counted on for long term and to my knowledge Troypoint does not host any iptv services.

Mmmm. I have several free playlists that I’ve had for months and are constantly updated. Yes I have 24 EPGs that I load in every playlist but I have good, steady channels I watch daily. An example is free2view project. It’s true, there are far more flakey free M3U lists, but there are also good ones. Even ones like Samsung and Samsung plus, Plex, Pluto
redbox, and many others with good playlists. I now have 10,000 channels and working my way through them to remove ones like Dutch, French and Chinese ones that I can’t even understand.

The bonus with IPTVcat is they update and replace dead links daily. So there is always a few options to download individual links of some great channels on the day of a big game/event. Just a pain trying to make and download playlist.

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Yes. IPTVCat they updates the channels daily, some channels do work some doesn’t, at each channel it is indicated to be online or offline.
Therefore these channels are being updated.

@TXRon Indeed. IPTVCat, GitHub or any other free m3u/4/8 lists sometimes can’t be counted on for long term, me neither I never noticed anything about TP hosting m3u urls.

I do agree with @Miki because I’m using some m3u list in different, countries and languages still stable, and all channels are online for almost two years now, but I have to say sometimes I have to change server location for better streaming.

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Thanks all. To clarify, TP had a shortcut url to a very fine 7000+ m3u list (m3uglobal) that you could enter into your player - smarters or tivimate or any non-proprietary builds. The link is broken as of yesterday and I was hoping to get pointed to its new address. There are a couple of sports channels my subscription service doesn’t offer.


Ok. Yes TP did provide m3u url for free IPTV channels. Those are from GitHub the link I posted in my first post.

If you want more then 7000 channels you must choose the first m3u url from GitHub. Otherwise you can choose from different category.

Note: Troypoint doesn’t hoste any of the m3u urls, he just indicates where the links are to download.

Check the video. In it is a bonus link to m3uglobal and the address is “https://troypoint.com/…” It is a shortcut that may in fact redirect elsewhere, but that’s the starting point.


As I mentioned earlier this is the same GitHub link prvided by Troypoint.

In the past TP made a video, and he also indicated that this was free m3u url also available on GitHub platform. Again TP never host any m3u urls on Troypoint website.:+1:

Note: If you need any assistance with settings up the free m3u url in IPTV Smarters I could assist with that. Please let me know.

If you like sport channels you can also check the manual from TP

When I generate a list from iptvcat I keep it small due to dead links eventually. What I do is make list by groups for instance “news” and populate it with about 5-10 channels. Makes it easier to remove a few bad links rather than the entire list. The other list that they try to keep updated is on github. Its a hit and miss list.

GitHub - iptv-org/iptv: Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world


This is great link :smiley: also was provided by TP while ago, and the same link in my first post :joy::joy::+1::+1::+1:

sorry for some reason I missed your post :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


You maybe should look in the mirror to be sure you even exist. Never mind you’re probably a figment of your own imagination.


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