M.E.T.V. addon integrating debrid

I installed the add on , simple, but Troy ,in his article says can be integrated when you choose a vod content. Couldn’t figure out what that meant.

Didn’t see option for tools/ settings, was looking for real debrid option or resolver or scrapers. :thinking: Little help, anybody ??

When you play a video that supports RD, it will prompt you to pair the service.

I like the add on tho, would think it even better if I could hook it to RD. It didn’t show me that it’s pullin any of there streams

Upon further investigation, it seems I’m getting super quality. Just played 30 gb movie in great 4K, even fast forwarded 40 min. & played right away. Could it be that ,due to other apps in my kodi hooked to RD, add on is recognizing that RD acct. ?

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Common reminder we cant name movies and shows while using programs like this. Please keep that in mind.

I think it uses resolveurl so if that is already linked to debrid it will work fine.

Oopsy, very sorry bout that.

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