Lost my EPG in TVMATE

I lost all my EPG listings in my MP3s in TVmate . Is their a new file I can get EPG again ?

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New file? What EPG are you looking for? There are plenty listed here…just search it, there are a lot that members have posted as well


Unless you specifically deleted the EPGs they will still be there, probably just not “enabled”. So go into settings>playlists and click on a specific playlist, then scroll down and click on “EPG sources” and you can enable every epg you have on every playlist. Under “EPG” in settings you can see all the sources you’ve added. I have 27, yours will vary.

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All of my playlist are enabled . I have about 10 of them an none of them work .

So Playlists and EPGs are enabled in different locations. Odd that all your guides quit at the same time. Free EPGs come and go. You will have to do a search for some new sources. For free playlists try sourcing m3u8 playlists as they have their own embedded EPG. Many other free m3u playlists may require you to enter an epg url to load a guide.

also make sure the epg’s are enabled for all playlist and not just one. Slows syncing down but no big deal. Also check individual mapping to make sure certain channels that matter are actually mapped.

I am going to delete all my play list and start over . See if they come back .

Scooter, I’ve had the same problem for about 6 months. EPG just disappears every 4 or 5 days. It happens on all of my 4 Firesticks randomly. I posted here and got no help. Attempting to download the EPG shows 0 channels updated. BUT if I go to settings - app manager- TvMate - delete data and then restore data from a previous backup the EPG is resrored. (Be sure you select delete data twice.)
I suspect this is happening because I’m using a bootleg premium version of tm. There must be some random software check that flags the app internally.

Well that explains a lot. TiViMate isn’t the issue, but “bootleg” is. For $20/US I have no idea why any one would use a useless bootleg of the Premium. So lesson learned, not getting answers to a problem you posted for a bootleg app had nothing to do with TiViMate so nobody could help as they all use the “legitimate” app.


Ironic, but expected response. I knew using the term bootleg would raise someone’s antenna. We are all here to receive content that is under intellectual property protection without paying the owners ‘ royalty, yet avoiding payment to an app developer who facilitates the activity is somehow a problem?
Also, I thought the purpose here was to help others, not to criticize participants. Let me just check those guidelines again.

It wasn’t a criticism. You complained about not receiving help to fix a bootleg copy of an app that is %100 legal as it’s only an IPTV player. I was merely pointing out that seeking help for a “bootleg” copy isn’t likely to happen when the app is very inexpensive and the vast majority here dig deep to pay $20/U.S for the Legitimate copy that works flawlessly. This wasn’t a response intended to offend anyone and yes I expressed my opinion as I can and will continue to do. The app was never intended to facilitate “illegal” activity. I use it to stream legal live ad supported TV. So go ahead check those guidlines real close as I doubt you’ll find any stating it’s ok to ask for help fixing a bootleg anything on the “insider”, but I may have missed something. :wink:

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all he’s saying is get the real thing it works better.


Oh Miki, I did not complain. I simply stated a fact. You assumed it was a complaint. But, you did kinda step across the guidelines there by not being positive and calling me out. Now, I’ll take it a step further. Your position that you are only using the app to view TV with ads makes it OK is flawed. If you are outside the viewing area covered by the broadcast licensing and not getting the content through a subscription service, you are violating the IP licensing. Any other interpretation is a rationalization.

Thank you for an interesting debate.

God bless you and have a good day.

Actually by your definition then the free Samsung +, and Pluto TV Playlists are illegal. They aren’t. I take it you’ve never looked at the 10 pages of F.A.S.T that I posted months ago. None of which are illegal. I didn’t call you out, you made a statement which makes no sense. Complaining about an app that was basically stolen that in and of itself is not illegal is just silly. Sorry if you consider it as “calling out”, it wasn’t. It’s hard to be “outside” the viewing area as they are readily available on the internet, which, when I last looked is www. Much of what you’re now saying is totally flawed and misleading. Live FREE TV channels are broadcast by the owners. Free Ad Supported TV. So I watch commercials and thus violate no laws. We are getting way off the topic here now. I appreciate having the opportunity to set the record straight, but neither one of us will ever solve this conundrum. It’s up to the powers that be. Have a nice night.
Have Fun and STREAM ON.

And on top of all that, you, a moderator, chose to take this thread completely off topic without reeling it in. I was simply trying to help someone as this group is intended. Had I not been up front about using an unauthorized copy, you would not likely have reacted. True, we could keep going for hours, but I have to wonder if you could everything you watch through the free apps, why don’t you.

I can see where Miki is coming from. Its one thing to help someone using an app just like you currently have and its another trying to help someone using other modified software. Often we try to re-produce the errors posted and try and find a solution. It gets tough to solve software issues with 2 different versions. Often “cracked” software is all bungled up and hard to deal with.


I do use a lot of free tv apps. I also have a lot of legal free playlists with hundreds of channels? I am by no means a moderator. I would not have reacted negatively had you stated you were having issues with TiViMate, but I certainly would have reacted, as I look to assist those seeking genuine help for their “legal” apps. You won’t find one pirated or bootleg app on any of my devices out of respect for hard working app devs. I apologize for my inability to “reel” it in. I have no boundries and speak my mind. I also simply cannot ignore an obvious misleading comment. I’m just a regular guy on the insider, and elsewhere in life. An old one Creaghmi but still ticking along.


I paid for my TVmate . It is the premium version .


Using a bootleg app means it’s a modified version of the original and WILL have issues. He was merely trying to explain that. I dont care if you use hacked apps, non paid apps or modified apps, but when you use a modified app form the original had have issues its most likely your version that’s causing it has it has altered code and we cant support it or help you as its not the right app in question.

You dont have to buy tivimate the non paid version works amazingly well. Infact i used it for like 3 months before i bought it. The choice is yours… There lots of other free iptv player apps out there btw that wont have the same issues, searching this community you will see alot of issues with modified app version and why we dont really suggest using it. So before making such statements id suggest at least looking at options and doing some research.

Again, do what you feel is right for you. lots of options out there. Whatever your disposition is or choice in the matter remember there is all kinds of options. tivimate is one of the best players out there with very little issues. The original poster is going threw something that very few people go threw so it will take time and understanding. Bugs and glitches do happen but not to everyone. if this was happening to everyone it would be widely popular on here. If you went on tivimates telegram and said you used a bootleg version of theirs they would boot you out and not help you.


“So before making such statements id suggest at least looking at options and doing some research”

What statement?