Loop addon adds material to my fire stick

While watching live sports on the Loop 22 addon, after an hour I get a message saying my fire stick Max is low on memory and I need to delete files. I go to ES file explorer and found 100’s of files downloaded from the Loop that I have to delete.

Don’t know about es file explorer, but i usually clear the cache in kodi on the firestick in " manage applications" i have Loop and never seen this message,.
How much memory storage is remaining, goto my firestick/about/ and it will display what memory storage is remaining.

I have 2GB internal storage and 64 GB external. I watch everything else, Cinema, Crew, etc and never get the low storage notice. Then in The Loop, watching football, it’s happened twice. The addon seems to be downloading pictures and other stuff while I’m on it until I get the warning. I stopped using the Loop and no more issues. Just wondering if anyone else was having issues with the Loop.

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