Logging on a iptv

I have a new Buzz TV 4900 box and cannot log on to any of my IPTV providers. All the credentials are correct, I even did a hard reset thinking it would be fresh but still cannot log on.

Most of the time, a hard reset wipes out all your setup back to factory default. You have to start over and set everything up again from scratch. I recommend doing this as a last-ditch effort going forward.
Contact your iptv provider and have them resend your log-in credentials. Take your time, read up here how to load your device properly and come back and ask more question when/if you get stuck.

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I believe it is my device which is a BuzzTv 4900 box. I did a hard reset in it. Did Not fix the problem. I tried 3 different IPTV providers each time it came back (Cannot load portal received a invalid response} on all 3 IPTV providers. I wonder if it’s the box.

I’m not familiar with the Buzz Box but does it have a Built in IPTV player? What IPTV player are you using and/or does your IPTV service allow you to use a player like Tivimate or smarters or is it a Proprietary app?

sounds like an inactive sub or improper credentials. My bet the box is fine.

It does have a player built in and I try to use Tivimate I do have a pd script with Tivimate and I get the same response.

I sent a pic yo all 3 provides creds were perfect

are you using a vpn?

Not until I sign in and get everything set up.

as atest, try using the vpn. Some isp’s will block iptv un-verified traffic

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You are a freaking GENIUS THANK YOU. Now please explain to me why that is.

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isp’s are contacted by the “powers that be” and notified about unusual traffic on their network and asked to stop it or else (so to speak)… rather than risk further take down action they simply block the traffic to appease those who wish to do harm :sweat_smile:… The vpn is not blocked because the traffic is unknown.


:+1: thanks again

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If I’m not mistaken, the BuzzTV app is a reworked version of TiViMate.

i have that same box and tivimate works much better than the native dvr app that buzztv uses


YEA I believe your right I like it better cause of the remote with the Buzz program. Another? does your IPTV provider only have the guide for 12 hours and if so is there a way to download the guide.

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