Loading Wolf Launcher on Fire OS 5

Good day all,

Does anyone have a step by step with the adb commands to install Wolf Launcher on Fire OS 5?


Go here for your instructions for your OS.

[APP][FIRETV][NOROOT] Launcher Manager (Change Launcher without Root) | XDA Forums (xda-developers.com)

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You don’t use the ADB for Wolf. You can either use Troy’s RAI or go to techdoctoruk.com and download. You need “launcher manager and Wolf launcher”.

That forum is Sween Wolf’s site. He is the developer of the Wolf Launcher apps.

This is where TP and Tech Doctor got their info.

lol. Yup I know PF. I just thought going to TDUK site might be easier or using the RAI. All good.

Actually, if you look at Wolf’s forum, he has a lot more info and different downloads for specific OS. He also has an updated Launcher manager “Ultimate”. Plus, he is very good about responding to questions in his forum.

I downloaded both of my apps straight from his page.

That’s kinda why I sent him there. So much info not to mention vids and tutorials like Troy has.

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There is a different launcher manager for OS5.

Thanks everyone for all the great ideas.

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