Loading F2V_Master files into iptv smarters?

I’m a newbie to the m3u game. So, trying to learn, I’m looking at the list of Best M3U File playlists from Nov 2021.

So I’m looking at that and some of Miki’s work.

So how do I add https://cutt.ly/F2V_Master into a Smarters playlist?

Do you have an add playlist option? If so then you usually have the option of an m3u or xtream. Click m3u enter that url and you’re g2g. Now you should know you have to add your own EPGs for this one.
For a starter I recommend
https://cutt.ly/DSr95Combined as it has an epg integrated into it but if for any reason it doesn’t auto enter the EPG then just use the above url and add epg on the end 2580 channels.


Smarters does have ‘add playlist’. “https://cutt.ly/F2V_Master” (without quotes) drew an improper file message when I typed it into the field with the ‘add m3u’ option checked.

I’ll try the Combined file that you suggested in a few minutes & report back.

works in TiViMate. Be sure you use the caps and underscore. But you probably copy/paste it so I don’t know. Also worked in TeaTV. Ahh another thought. That’s a “short” code so your app may not process it if it doesn’t have the coding to do so. So here is the full link.

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I’m still getting a “File/URL invalid” message.
Apparently Smarters doesn’t like anything but files that end with .m3u when using the M3U URL option.

The file option requires a local storage folder to browse to.

So, what are the steps for me to download the file to a local folder & install by that route?

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Did you read my last post? I gave you the long link.

Thanks Miki. The shorter links that point to the full links is probably the problem.

Would you have the full link for the file that already has the EPG included so that I don’t have to type something long in again?

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I’m trying to find it, but no luck so far. I’ve never needed it as it works in TiViMate just great.
No luck finding the original m3u link. Sorry

https://is.gd/QtAI6V or t.ly/jRYR

Thats OK Miki, I appreciate the help anyway.

I’ll try yoursTX & report back.

Smarters doesn’t respond to those either TXRon.

The only playlists that I’v been able to add are ones that end with “.m3u”.
Apparently it’s like Mikithinks in that Smarters doesn’t recognize those ‘shortcut’ mirrors.

Is there a way to D/L the files to my device so that I can use the ‘add file’ option?

you can copy the files to a notepad, save it and move it to the drive and then copy and paste.

I’m using an ONN cheapie.
There’s not great way to use a notepad and c&p with this that I am aware of.

I’ll try using a browser and seeing if I can DL the file. Smarters has an add file option…it just has to be stored on the device.

I don’t know if this is an option for you, but I used xtreme code to enter a playlist in smarters. Not sure if one exists for your playlist.

@elginherd I had all the same problems you have encountered with the free IPTV Smarters, so I downloaded the free version of Tivimate and things worked. Only one playlist can be used at a time on the free version. Tivimate is just so superior, I bought a lifetime license for $25 and can have all the Playlists I can load plus many other great features. It’s was well worth it for me. Troy also has excellent videos on why use the paid Tivimate. Give it a look see, it may be what you want also.


I haven’t had a chance to mess with this today…but I think at this point I will take your suggestion.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe that you can compile a single favorites list from multiple m3u lists. If an epg can be integrated in that, it’d be worth the lifetime subscription.

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You can make a faves list from all your playlists. Then under the All playlists panel you simply highlight favourites and your list is displayed in the right panel. Hit the right side of the direction ring and your complete list displays in the right panel full screen with a preview window on the top left if you enable that option. I have 50 channels so far. Oh I forgot if the channel already had an epg then it comes along with that channel and will display in your Faves, if it doesn’t have an EPG then you can try assigning one from all the EPGs you have.

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It’ll be a couple of days before I can get to a Tivimate project, Miki, but expect more questions.

Of course. I look forward to helping you. Have a good night.

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