"Live tv" app not opening

I downloaded the live tv app from the rapid installer. It does not open. I click it and then shuts off. Where is configuration for it? I checked troypoint.com but only shows how to install from '20 no configuration. Any help?

I just downloaded it to test it. Worked for me. A little clunky but worked. It scrapes pluto and zumo channels and adds them together with any other live sources you may have.

From the rapid installer it says go to troypoint and follow configuration…is there a specific configuration? Its still not loading it just pops up and closes. Is there another App similar to it?

hmmmm… I really needed no config . I just downloaded it and followed a few prompts and done. There is a live tv app in the play store and now ships with many android systems. It is free and you might want to un-install and try that version.


Check apps from unknown sources.

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