Live TV App for local tv viewing only

Is there such an app that only is for local Channels nothing else. I have tried tivimate and several free standing apps but they are unreliable. I can get everything I need but local news. Any suggestion pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Silk broswer and ola tv i believe. Plus there is tons of local topics and info

Use the search on the insider as well. I cant remeber them by name at this time. But lots of ways.

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Do you have the possibility of using an antenna to get your locals?
If you do, there are several OTA devices that connect to an antenna and make your locals available anywhere that you have broadband internet.

There are a couple of apps available on Playstore & the Amazon playstore that might have your local news…“Local Now” has what I want from the markets I pay attention to.

Another good option is the roku tv’s. With an antenna it will pull in your locals and mix it with there large free collection. Another way is a tuner such as the hd homerun. <<<need to read up on that one if interested. I have it and it just works out of the box.


Doesn’t hd homerun need an antenna? Very few signals reach over 50 miles.


yep. I have one and my antenna is in a closet mounted up high by the ceiling, gets all houston channels

You pick up the Radio Gawds with it? I’d clock you as a Walton & Johnson listener… :thinking: :face_with_peeking_eye:


I do listen to more radio especially in the AM, Tv might be on but volume off till around 3-4 pm :woozy_face:

Copy that…got into morning radio shows way back when going to & at work & continued into retirement. TV is on but only listened to when there’s a commercial…then back to mute…unless breaking news, like this morning.


Thanks for your reply I will try those ideas.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I do have broadband internet. I have looked into Antenna Tv but I have 6 tvs I will need to buy 6 antennas, I was looking for an antenna option that I can use one antenna and change signal to WIFI. Found one but they said they no longer made the device. Local now only had one Orlando channel. I have six sticks and cubes in the house. I will try amazon playstore. Did not even know they existed My entire WIFI system has been build with Troypoint

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Thanks for your reply. I will follow up on the HD Homerun app and do some research

Thanks for your reply I never thought of that one. I will research and see if it works for me

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Thanks I am going to look into that I am right in the middle of all the TV channel towers. No more than twenty miles from anyone of them

Hey @Duhpepper If you are in the middle of all your tv towers…just put a large paper clip in your tv’s cable port & click auto-program…you’ll be surprised how many channels you will get. :cowboy_hat_face:


After resourcing The HD home run looks like like what I am looking for I will know on Friday when it arrives thanks

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You will love the homerun. They have apps for roku and android. Also if you have a google certified box you can get the free channels app that will use the homerun as source and is really nice. If you want to record you will need a external drive. Recording can be done with any connected android with the homerun app. The roku app can view only and not record same with channels app.


Sling sells a device that I use: AirTv . It works with one antenna and distributes the channels via WiFi. It works well.

Just buy a 6 way antenna splitter that will hook up to 6 tv’s .

FYI, I just set this up for an american that lives here so he can get his local stations from Hawaii. He’s a happy camper. Oh sorry, this on a 4K Max

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