Live sports picture quality

Every fire tv equipment ive ever had struggles with live tv sports, ive tried every suggestion to fix this but nothing. Sometimes i swith to roku to watch woth no problems. Does anyone have a suggestion. The problem is pucture like gets shaky or jerky i guess is easiest way to explain

That’s very odd. I have the 4k Max and fhd in sports. The source is 1 of 2 paid services. No performance change or issues regardless of the app I use Stremio or TiViMate. I forgot to mention, on occasion I use Troy’s live sports sites in my Silk browser and the pic there can be a bit pixilated at times, but usually watchable. I wonder if you have the proper vid settings like refresh rate, and are you trying to watch fhd when the tv won’t support it?. Just throwing out ideas as I’ve never had this issue.

I have a 4k tv 60 resfresh rate and it works perfectly with roku

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I’d stick with Roku then if you get the quality you want. Sorry I have no more suggestions for your issue. I wish I was there with you so I can see exactly what’s going on.

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