Launcher w/ App Store?

I’m about to setup a friend’s firestick tomorrow. They want a custom launcher like I have (Wolf Launcher) but I’m pretty sure they are still going to want access to search the app store. As far as I am aware, WL hasn’t fixed this issue yet. You can get into the app store without switching back to the stock launcher but you can’t use the search function. I’m not actually sure if this is due to Wolf Launcher or the Launcher Manager. Anyone know of a setup that works correctly for the app store without switching back to stock?

On wolf Launcher I have the play store in a folder called tools. Easy access. The only hassel is you need to sign in to the store unless you never sign out. I sign out after every use.

Not talking about the play store. That works fine on my shield. I’m talking about the Amazon app store on a firestick.

ohhh, my bad… I jumped from the fire stick to mecool to shield. Now im happy :rofl:

But you can’t search. I just configured a brand new Max and installed Wolf. There still isn’t any Search function in the appstore accessing it through launcher manager. You have to disable wolf launcher and go back into Amazon home to access search. Odd that Sweeney hasn’t coded this in. It’s been months. I installed the latest from TDUK.

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Bumping this up again since I need to figure it out by tomorrow. Anyone use any other launchers that work with the search function in the Amazon app store?

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