Launcher Manager changes tv input

Tried reassigning shortcut buttons. When i press shortcut, flashes to newly assigned shortcut but then quickly changes tv input. Any solutions?

What device and what app are you using to create your shortcut buttons. I am assuming you mean you remapped a few buttons?

Amazon firestick. Downloaded launcher manager and tried to reassign the 4 shortcut buttons on remote…prime, netflix, etc. To surfshark and other apps i have following troypoint new instructions. It did change to selected app. But when i press the button, it flashes surfshark for a second, then changes tv to ithe input right above firestick input which happens to be mecool box.

I use the Button Mapper app to remap a few buttons. On my Nvidia I remapped the Netflix button to open Surfshark instead. It works, but if you don’t disable the PS then when you click that button it will fight with SS and PS. If you uninstall the Netflix app the PS app it will still try to take you to their PS so you can download it.

Try and see if you can uninstall any of those apps, or at least disable them. Then try remapping those buttons.

I’m not sure that this method will override the Feb update.

Amazon blocks remapping of the Fire TV Remote’s App Shortcut Buttons | AFTVnews.

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