Launcher Manager 1.1.8

If I install the latest version of LM, will it overwrite my current version and all my current settings?

I wouldnt update unless you absolutely need to. This version is more focused on Firesticks, if you have AndroidTV and LM is working fine, I would let it be.


I updated mine so I could get the quick launch buttons on my Firestick 4kMax. It didn’t change anything. The buttons work but are intermittent it seems. Sometimes it will open the apps on the firestick.

My remap didn’t work at all & buttons still retain their original function. & the “Home” button doesn’t do anything new either as I still have to go to my Launcher Manager app on my own for any modifications.

One thing Troypoint’s post didn’t cover was what “Trigger Key” to select (unless I missed it.)

I would like to remap these otherwise useless keys, so I was sorry this didn’t work for me. Maybe this is what was meant by his saying there were still a few bugs with it currently.

I just followed the tutorial exactly the way it was. It’s how I realized I needed to update my launcher. It is a bit buggy but it does work. Honestly, it’s another thing I don’t need but I am glad I updated.

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