Launch on Boot - Version #

(Firestick) The version of LOB that shows installed is 1.1.3. The Rapid Installer does not show a version number. Sometimes the LOB works as advertised but when I turn on my TV the standard amazon-firestick menu appears. I’m wondering if there might be an updated version of LOB.

Some days it takes longer than others to kick in from the main firestick menu to launcher menu using LOB. A lot of times i just manually start it cuz Im not patient lol. You are right though, I wish it would start immediately like Launcher Manager used to.

It appears 1.1.3 is the most updated version. At least that is all I could find. I’m not sure how often they update the app, but will key an eye out for it.

Thanks for your feedback …

As best I can tell there is a “Bug” in LOB (I use LOB to start Wolf Launcher). It’s annoying but does seem like it could be fixed but I’m not sure where or how you report the bug to LOB. Seems to be a LOB startup timing issue.

LOB launches Wolf Launcher okay “sometimes” after I shut down and restart my TV/Firestick (from in a streaming app or from Wolf Launcher). But it seems that after I shut down my TV and come back hours later/overnight and start my TV, LOB does not wake-up/work and my TV starts up at the Firestick/Amazon menu.

Anyone else having this issue?
Any idea where/how to report an LOB bug?


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ITVlab are the devs or were the devs, for Launch on Boot. I can find them on Github but it looks like the latest release was in Feb 2019. I can’t find any way to contact them. You can sign up for github and post an issue but I haven’t a clue if anyone is responding.

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