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Tivimate just prompted to install a new version. My version does not auto-update. Two questions…

Where do you get the latest version of TiviMate?

How do you get a version that auto-updates?

Yes, mine is a legit premium version.



FireTV versions auto-update. Android versions need the Google Play Store disabled to be able to have the “check new version” and “auto-updates” to appear.


Go to the Google Play Store and you can update from there.

I got the same message. Most likely it is because I have the Beta version. So, I have to manually update.

I guess the regular version will auto update as the stable version becomes available. The Beta most likely already has the stable version update.

I had v.4.7.0 before this update and just now did the manual update via Play Store and it is still v.4.7.0. I figure I already had any added features or bug fixes already and this update is basically for all the people who are not doing the Beta.

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I also have 4.7.0(Premium) and did a manual update check and sure enough there was an update. Version stayed the same.

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If the toolbox has versions that our out of date please let us know. troy/brett.


I don’t believe the TP Toolbox has a Tivimate download

I don’t believe it is on the Toolbox, at least that I have seen.

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Got this from the reddit site. I did check the Downloader code and the apk link and they work fine. The link for unlocking Premium on a FS I did not try because I do not have a FS. lol

TiviMate 4.7.0

What’s new

  • Fixes and improvements

Google Play




Instructions how to unlock Premium on Fire TV devices:


Beta also auto updates from the playstore

Yes, I have the Beta and did the manual update from there. Although, I already had v.4.7.0 installed, and the update was also v.4.7.0. So, I think that update was for the stable release of v.4.7.0 for those who are not in the Beta program. …not sure?


I meant in general guys sorry.

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Kiss my shiny metal assimilator :robot:

Thanks for the replies. I normally download from the Troypoint app and it didn’t indicate that 4.7.0 revision so I wasn’t sure if it had been checked out or not.

The Troypoint App doesn’t indicate anything because it is retired.

Hmmmm. Didn’t know that. Guess I should check in here more often.

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OK, new issue. When I try to access the new toolbox link through Downloader, I get a message in the browser window saying that cookies must be enabled. I cannot find anywhere that enables cookies. Where to next??

Copy this into any browser. Silk, TVBor, JioPages, etc…


Thanks. I was able to navigate there in Silk browser. When I clicked the download button, it didn’t error out but I can’t find the files.

The old toolbox was SO much easier!