Latest Cinema HD update

Have the latest Cinema update and there is something called “The Movie DB” in blue in upper right corner next to the search glass. When I click it turns to a red “T” and the thumbnails change. Can’t figure out what either of those icons is.


which Cinema did you download. there are 3 choices?

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Movie Data Base and Trakt TV. Try each one and then do a search for a movie and see what you get in sources.

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Back again with a follow up question. In Cinema v2.4.0 AF when the Trakt icon is there next to the search magnifying glass and I search for a TV series it pulls up a list, off to the left, of shows. When I hit back to get out of search and pull up the list it found and click on it I get about a half spin and then the screen goes blank and shows no thumbnails. If I switch the Trakt icon to The Movie DB and search and do the same search and pull the list up and click on the name it will pull up the thumbnail and the show I want will play. The only problem is when using the Movie DB I can’t leave the home screen sorted as “Trending”. Trending only works when I have the Trakt icon up in the corner. I’m confused. This is only a problem with my wife’s anal thought process.

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