Krooz TV Review - Over 16,000 Channels for $15/Month

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This unbiased IPTV review covers Krooz TV and includes all of the important details such as channels, pricing, subscriptions, and its safety/legality. Krooz TV has become a popular IPTV service due to its huge channel selection and VOD offerings. There is also a 24-hour free trial to test it out before committing to the service.…


Just started the trial to check it out. Good selection and so far running smooth

Running great…and the best customer service I have ever experienced with a streaming service!

I got on the internet to research them, and the providers that come up Krooz, there Avatar does not match Troy’s Avatar in his post.

If anyone likes this service the provider I use also sells this sevice at the same price but twices the connections. Dm me.


Im interested.

Trying this right now and only issue is the EPG will not update so don’t know what is on. It’s the freebie so it will resolve when the freebie is over

Still has never updated the EPG, so a wasted free trial

The seller I get it from works fine.

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Running great without issues and they had 24/7 customer support with live chat very friendly and helpful they are the best

I’m interested! DM me the details please

Could you please message me in regards to going through your seller. Thank you.

What happened to the rule about not mentioning the names of unverified IPTV services that we all use?

Troy posted this topic and has the legal notices prominently displayed in his post. Noone has stepped over the line that I can see.

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Has anyone heard of OAD ?They are suppose to be good as well just do not have a way to contact for a subscription

Yes they do exist, they do have a website the same name however you can’t discuss it on this category you must go to IPTV services category just like @Miki indicated!

Also interested. Looking for something as a backup. Thanks!

mrsrudy2321. Thanks