Kodi will not boot

I’m sure this problem must be addressed on here, but I’m not finding it.
When I click the Kodi icon on my Fire Stck 4K (OS, it responds like it’s going to boot but then just reappears. I’ve tried several restarts. I’ve tried selecting from the app menu instead of the shortcut bar. No luck. For what it’s worth, I’m running the Crewnique bundle.
I imagine I’m going to have to delete the app & reinstall, but that’s such a hassle what with authorizing real debrid, installing Crewnique etc.

You might want to wait for other answers but if you haven’t tried unplugging the power cord from the wall, wait 1 minute and plug back in. Let it reboot then try it. Also force close kodi and delete kodi cache in manage installed applications. Good luck👍

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Thank you! I had tried the unplug method with no luck. Also, several restarts if that’s what you mean by force stop. So I cleared the cache, did another Restart and it appears to have resolved the problem, at least for now. Kodi struggled but eventually the Crewnique screen popped up. I closed out so I could engage my VPN. After that Kodi/Crewnique booted quickly.

So thanks again!


Yes it sounds like you are running out of storage and clearing cache is getting you enough. You’re using a sec gen stick, might want to upgrade. The Max $ 35

Latest version is 6,2,9,4, check your memory storage// go into My Firestick/About/ and see how much memory storage is left, you may be on the edge.

I personally don’t have builds i do my own add ons.

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