Kodi wants access

My Kodi wouldn’t run on my Firestick 4K so I deleted it and downloaded/installed 19.4. I had tried just downloading without deleting a couple times & still had issues.
First run I get the message “Kodi requires access to your device media and files to function”. Then “Allow Kodi to access photos, media and files on your device?” WTF?
I don’t remember agreeing to that before and I’m a long time Kodi user. Is it because I’ve only been continually updating and not downloading fresh and I legit just don’t remember doing that originally?
Though I just did the same on my other Firestick (Gen2) and did not get that.

You always have to give access, you should be good


access is needed for kodi to install and then use those media file… Prior to installing kodi DO NOT watch an x-files episodes.

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Yes my bad. I should have watched a vid before posting. But thanks!

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