Kodi VS APKs VS Torrents - What's your favorite?

Originally published at: Kodi VS APKs VS Torrents - What's your favorite?

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself using Kodi and Torrent sites more than streaming through the popular APKs. This is a big change for me because prior to this, I was using APKs 100% of the time. Why did I move back to Kodi addons and downloading through Torrent sites? It seems that…


Troy, thanks for your post.

I’ve posted before and will state again that I’m a fan of kodi. Like everyone else, I came to appreciate and use the great APKs that have been developed. They are easy to use. But they are erratic at times and don’t provide as many real debrid links as does the kodi addons I use. Lately I’ve been jumping from APK to APK to find links to various programs. If I’m feeling impatient, I’ll usually go to an APK first for a program. If I get a good link with subtitles and decent audio (I’m hearing impaired), I’m okay. Any issues and I’ll go to kodi where I almost always find many real debrid links and subtitles. When I’m not in a rush to watch something, I go straight to kodi. Real debrid is working extremely well these days with the kodi addons I use. I usually go with torrents and I can’t remember the last time I had buffering issues or a dropped link. I also like being able to amplify the audio.

I installed the crew addon and it is working very well, gives me tons of real debrid links. The crew also removes duplicate links, a nice little feature.

Kodi is my favorite streaming application. Addon developers come and go but like you stated, new developers keep popping up. Will the currently popular APKs be around a year from now? Two years from now? I certainly hope so. I’ll keep using them. But I’ll always keep a copy of kodi on my streaming devices.


for me, I started with Kodi since back then it was the main thing to use. Loved it so much and had Real Debrid. Then the time came when it seemed any good addon was taken down and it was a real hassle. I’m really never been back to Kodi except for a player. Later got with APKs and was pleased. When TVZion came around I knew I found what I wanted. I still use it and always my go to apk. This looks very interesting about the Crew addon for Kodi. May go back but won’t put up again with addons going down so we’ll see. Torrents I love for keeping stuff. Have my external drives and if something is really what I want I’ll keep that.


Troy, first and foremost thanks for all you do. You have helped many of us become streaming experts to family and friends however you are the “man behind the curtain”.

I started out with APK’s however once my “habit” grew and I ventured into the world of the Nvidia Shield I started playing around with Kodi. Once I became familiar with everything FireStick Kodi wasn’t as frightening and I have the same experience you do - more 4K and HD streams using RD and PM.

Question for you, I have both Xanax and No Limits loaded and was attempting to load “The Crew” when I realized The Crew addons was enabled in the Xanax build. My question - is there a difference between the addon in Xanax vs. a standalone “The Crew” build or am I getting all of the functionality contained within Xanax?

One last question, how can you load multiple versions of Kodi (beyond 18.5 Leia and 17.6 Krypton) as kodi.tv only supports older versions of Leia and Krypton 17.6? Between No Limits and Xanax I am unable to download another “older” version of Kodi to see which version is best.

Again thanks for all you do,


Installed Crew on Kodi and was impressed how well it worked. Was especially happy about its sport category where I was able to find replays of UFC & MMA events that I have missed terribly since Planet MMA has apparently gone under.


@ekozuch, thanks for pointing out the crew sports category. I’d missed it and it is excellent. I found past super bowls I really wanted to see again.


Troy, you rock! Crew working so much better than the APK we used last night which made a 2 hour movie 3 hours long due to buffering on our crappy, radio wave, country WiFi. Watching the same movie now on Kodi-Crew and it is working wonderfully!


Good question Troy. For me it’s all about what you want from streaming. If you want quality and no buffering then Kodi (with RD or Premiumize) is a no brainer. If you want easy to use streaming at no cost and will live with some buffering, then APK’s are your answer.
I have been using Kodi for 4 years and am well through the “teething stage” where everything was buffering, a Resolver went down, Trakt or RD wasn’t working etc - all resulting in total frustration. I invested my time in getting to know and understand Kodi and can now identify and resolve most issues- but I do have sympathy for new users because so much can go wrong with it. But I LOVE Kodi. I use 3/4 Addons (The Crew, Seren, Fen and Numbers) which give me options if one is not scraping well on a particular day. I should also mention that, with RD and Premiumize, I am happy to use the torrent links and they are, truly, the business.
I also have APK’s as fall back. I know the quality will not match Kodi but it will give me access if Kodi is acting up.
So, for me Kodi, APK’s and Torrents is like a package, with Kodi as my “go to” source.


I too have been a long time follower and Kodi user, but after Kodi started to have issues, I tried the APK’s, and have had some success. I use RD and IPVanish all the time and they seem to help. I’m also in the process of cutting the cord and have been trying a couple of IPTV Services (Sapphire Secure and Sportz TV) - I’ve now deleted Sapphire because they didn’t provide to key channels that I need (WGN Chicago and AXS) whereas Sportz TV does. I’ve also tried using the Crew add-on in the latest Xanax build and seems to work well.

But my main issue is that I’m hearing a lot about torrents, yet it seems every time I try one, it says I can’t get the link because I don’t have some “Xvid Video Codec” installed. I Googled it and most said to avoid this as it typically contains malware. Anyone else seeing this?

I agree…I hadn’t used Kodi for months because the apk’s were much better…when I started having issues with the apks, I tried Kodi again and it seems to be working when the apks fail…I use Exodus and Exodus Redux

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I use TV zion as a first port of call, pay a few pound each month for premium streams with real debrid. As much as I like kodi its really slow compared to apks, for this reason I prefer apks, however I appreciate it is people’s perogative. Jimmy.

I am finding stand alone apks are becoming more and more the way to go for streaming apps rather than kodi. Kodi was great as few years back, but the added layers of data and coding tend to slow things down in using the apps contained within the kodi builds. As more well developed apks hit the web and app stores, kodi seems to be less needed for streaming. The only remaining positive for kodi is having a bunch of popular apps on one platform. But, to each his own as far preferences.

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Have you checked the setting “cached torrents only”?


I haven’t because I seem to have problems with torrents in general. But if you are suggesting that the “cached torrents only” is the way to fix the problem, then I’d be real interested in that.


Yes. I’ve found that works for me; gets rid of all the pop-up boxes


I’ve tried to use Kodi but I can’t seem to find a way to add tv programs to a favorites place so that you don’t have to search for the program each time to watch an episode. Neither can I find a tutorial that teaches you how to add builds or apks or whatever else you may want to add to Kodi nor can I find anything that teaches you how to load things your library like Seren or how to authorize everything for Real Debrid. I’m sure all those things are doable because there are so many people using Kodi and it seems they use it seamlessly. The apks are so easy to load from Troypoint you don’t have to know much - like me - to everything easily with minimal time spent.


I am using real debrid with Firestick 4k max and Kodi 19.3 with Seren and venom.
It works great!!! Except on Dolby vision mkv files which have purple and green tint in playback.

Sounds like I need to add VLC as an external player to correct this issue? Agree?
How do I add VLC as an external player to Firestick Kodi 19.3?

Thank you sir!



Stop posting asking the same question in many different topics.

There is a guide for this.


Well, you know I’m a big Kodi fan lol. Posted many guides on how to fine tune it with the crew. Now I just have to figure out how to split my output from my Shield to get both Dolby Vision and TrueHD. Then I’ll be golden.

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I used to just download torrents and use a torrent Downloader for everything, have hard drives stacked with stuff, but as things changed I got lazier.

I find that kodi is absolutely great, the scrappers for the crew and seren are pretty good, real debrid has made it much better.

As things have progressed I find that a good mix of apks that sync with real debird and kodi with seren and crew you won’t miss out on anything.

As long as a apk used good scrappers and real debrid the apk option is great. As long has you have a good android box with storage and available ram the 3 best options I find are stremio with rd syncler with rd and kodi with rd (seren and crew) gives me tons of custom options for my needs and hardware specs if I want 2 channel to 7.1