Kodi start up screen has changed

I am not sure if I have done something or what. It has been a couple of weeks since I have used Kodi. Naturally it froze up during the updates as it often has done in the past. I go to manage applications and clear the cache for Kodi and restart the application. On the 3rd start up I got a different start up screen. I do not get my old screen showing all kind of options. Movies, sports, music etc. It comes up on a screen telling me my library is empty. Kodi is in upper left corner and items such as Music, Music videos, TV, Radio etc are shown down the left side. I went thru the process of updating my version hoping the old start up would appear. No luck. I went thru the add on process of adding The Crew. How do I get my old screen back with all the options I once had? Thanks. Looks like I did something I shouldn’t have done and lost everything.

Sounds like your skin just changed back to the stock Estuary skin. Go into settings, interface, then change your skin back to whatever it was before.

What build were you using?

19.3 I seem to have lost all my movie add on’s also. I just reinstalled The Crew. What is a good skin that has Movies listed?

You must have installed a build before from the sounds of it if you had movies and stuff listed when you first launched Kodi. 19.3 is just the version of the actual Kodi app, not a build.

If you use real debrid feel free to check out the build I made, Skeleton Crew. You can find the instructions on here.


Thanks. I will check yours out. Yes I originally installed Kodi when I got Firestick sometime last year. I have been doing the updates as they come out. This time something just went haywire.

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I have downloaded Skeleton Crew and followed all the instructions. I have it open. I need to adjust the size showing on TV. I can barely see what’s showing across the top of the screen. How do I adjust this? Thanks

I don’t think that has anything to do with Kodi. Sounds like the picture settings on your TV or streaming device. Can’t help you there.

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Thanks, I will check that out. Once again thanks for your help

What device are you using? There are screen scaling options in most. For example in the 4K Max you go to settings>Display & Sounds>Display>Calibrate Display. This will bring up 4 arrows, top, bottom right and left. Using the remote you move them in unison in or out until the tips touch the edges. On my Samsung mine then gets set to 3% Scale.
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I am viewing the firestick on a 55" Samsung smart tv. I have tried adjusting the TV settings but sill missing the very top of the skin.

Did you follow my instructions to adjust the scaling on the firestick? That’s where you do it, not in the TV settings.

Thanks, I went and followed your instructions after reading them again and it worked like a champ. Thanks for the help

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