Kodi, Seren, Real Debrid problem

I am unable to use Seren in Kodi because it says not without Real Debrid. But I have real Debrid. What do I do?

You need to log in to Seren addon separately to logging into the kodi build. Make sure your 30/90/180 days have not lapsed…it’s easy to miss if you don’t set a reminder for the day before your real dedrid finishes…stay one day ahead :+1:

I signed up for real debrid and they deactivated my account for no reason. It did work for about a week, while I was trying to understand it. I feel it wasn’t worth using unless that is just my opinion, but no way to contact them or refund
Anyone else with this deactivation.

I finally quit using Seren. The Nixgates repo never updates and even real debrid files crash.

I’m just using Venom(mostly), the crew and asgard.

I have never had a problem with Real Debrid. I got away from using builds and use individual addons. I activate each addon separately with real debrid thru each addon’s tools menu. I use The Oath, Venom, and Marauder and have had no problems what-so-ever. I don’t know why your account would be deactivated. You could try Real Debrid on Twitter, although I have never had any reason to contact them as I have encountered no problems.

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