Kodi seren problems

Every time i try to search for a film or tv-show in Seren,the kodi app shut down.anybody else experienced this?

Hello @Dagger I’ve had this problem in the past twice but this was a long time ago. The first time, I didn’t have enough internal storage left. So, make sure that your internal storage isn’t getting too low and uninstall apps that you don’t need any longer. 2. Make sure your device isn’t overheating. Put it in a location where it doesn’t get too hot. 3. Try clearing Kodi cache. Go into Settings / Apps / Kodi and clear cache. DON’T CLEAR DATA. If everything else fails, I would suggest uninstalling/reinstalling Kodi from scratch.


I’m not getting a crash but, when I select on the seren it doesn’t respond till I select once more. I find this to be odd. N/E tips? TIA!

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It seems like it was the skins fault for some reason.when i changed skin all worked…strange but i’ll take it😂

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