Kodi Nexus release

Here is the next big Kodi release.

Been in the works for some time.id wait for a stable version, no addon will probably be updated to that for awhile.

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Yup this is a beta release that’s ready for those who enjoy testing out the new releases. Close to a stable release. I’m curious about the difference between this and Matrix. Definately not for the “beginner”.

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It sounds good looking forward to install the final release :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m looking forward to a period of stability for Kodi.


Proably new codecs and improved code especially for android units. Kodi on my pc runs amazingly.

New support for av1 and such

Ya I’ve been reading up on kodi when I have time, and from my reading Kodi is unbelievable on a computer with high end specs. I have an older chromebook lappy. I should update it and use it for a Kodi test machine.

Its my main home theater pc setup. When i used my gaming rig.

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Yes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I heard from other users/testers that this beta version still have to many :beetle:, when installing Kodi Add-ons, video playing, and it takes to long to load, and sometimes during loading process it hangs in gray screen.:beetle::beetle::beetle:

Tx. @Matrix I think I’ll dig out my older 4kMax and install it on there if I have time.

Sounds like a perfect project for you, but sounds quite buggy


Hi Miki just for info. Yesterday I installed Kodi v20 Nexus on one of my Kodi TV Boxe 4Ram 64Storage just for testing, it loads very fast and no gray screen. Apparently they have solved this :beetle:.

But I found few more new issues .

  1. PVR IPTV Manager, and PVR Simple Client still not functioning, and thei are Not Available to Install.

  2. ResolveURL also removed from this Kodi version v20 this dependency will not be available in Kodi anymore. This left to kodi add-ons developers to integrated in their add-ons.

  3. Added few Kodi Add-ons, everything went smoothly until installing from Repositories. Can’t install from repository, this issue is known by the developers. But I have to say that I installed them with VPN on, and perhaps this could be the the issue but I didn’t retry to install them again without VPN.

Finally I uninstalled v20 and reinstall 19.4 v8 everything works fine and no :beetle::beetle::beetle:.:hugs::+1:

That’s great work @matrix I’m not sure but I do know there was a way of contacting the devs and letting them know about bugs. Some of the stuff like URL resolver sounds odd, but with such fast developement after 19.4 was released is rather surprising. Have a great day.


Oh Miki thank. Those went to developers already but I only want to inform you about my experience. Thanks :pray:

Thanks @Miki. We have been testing this Alpha release and just published an article - Kodi 20 Nexus Release with Important Details, Download Links, & More