Kodi install problem

Hello, been a Kodi user/Troypoint follower for years now so know the procedure for installing apps. My question is…Is anyone else having the issue of trying to add/source URL and when hit enter…it just sits and spins, but never loads it? I am using an ethernet connected Nvidia Shield and have tried allversions on Rapid installer and even downloaded directly from Kodi website…does the same for all. I have had it work flawlessly for years on same setup…only deleted it to reinstall because it kept auto updating to ver 19. Just want to install and load the crew

I don’t know if this will help. I do not have a Nvidia Shield, but use a Skystream Pro. I had the Google play store auto update Kodi and everything quit working. I uninstalled Kodi 19 and re-installed Kodi 18.9, disabled the auto update in Google, and re-installed my add-ons. Have not had a problem since. I know several people on this forum use Kodi 19.3 without a problem. I am not one of them. I am satisfied with Kodi 18.9. Everything works flawlessly. So why fix it if it isn’t broke? Just my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for the response…I agree…It was working fine then 19 :roll_eyes: but now my current problem is I cant load a source, because it just sits with the blue circle spinning.


This may sound dumb to you or already done it.

Uninstall everything kodi, reinstall 19.3.

Then do the crew addon with real debrid. I have done this last night off and on 2 boxes without issues. Not saying it’s a user error here. But there has been reports of this.

I’m also going to check in with kodi or any devs to see if changes are being made. Ever sense the move to python 3 (19+) issues have happend.

The crew and seren are both updated for 19.3 shouldn’t be a problem. Alot of the builds and programs and repos for those builds aren’t.

Slowly they are being overhauled.


Yeah, already tried deleting and reinstalling , but maybe not 19.3 (cant remember)…will give that a try this evening…Thanks!

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