Kodi fork update from troypoint

can you update a kodi fork?

We have all the forks on the toolbox.

I already have the fork installed but can you update it or transfer data to the new fork?


I don’t believe the Fork can update and keep your build/addons, etc. Don’t quote me 100% on that, but I think it is just the regular Kodi app that can auto update so you don’t lose your stuff. I hope I am wrong, but think I tried before and ended up reinstalling everything.

No transfer just install whatever addons or Builds you want to use on the Fork. I have 3 instances of KODI on my Box. Native and 2 of Troy’s Forks. I mix it up and on one have a Build and on the other 2 just an Addon or 2. I really only use one but if something goes crazy I have a backup

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