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How do you remove anything from Kodi 19.4 File Manager? I installed/uninstalled an add on several times and would like to remove the unnecessary/ obsolete items from the file manager in Kodi. Where can I find instructions on how do do this? Or should I leave it alone?

Have you tried using a cleanup wizard? I use " Open Wizard" but there are many. Just make sure they’re compatible with matrix 19.3.

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Would that remove things from file manager?


It removes orphaned files etc. Many complained that their Kodi was growing in data useage daily. I use this and mine has never gone over 144. Give it a try, you got nothing to lose.

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I have SD Maid 5.3.8 is this good? Or does it need to be something installed on Kodi?

Sorry it needs to be installed in kodi. One of the cleanup wizards

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Can you tell me how to install a cleanup wizard on Kodi19 ?

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Got it! What do I put settings on?

Go to file manager, highlight source to delete. click button with three horizontal lines. Remove option will be listed in the pop up.


Thank you but using on tv and there are not three lines.

I tried DefSquid as a cleaner - did absolutely nothing. Is Openwizard any better?


2 different things for 2 different purposes… openwizard is for internal kodi maintenance.

Can you elaborate?


@sktn77a DefSquid optimizes the FireStick or whatever device you run it on.

Open Wizard optimizes Kodi. Such as clearing cache at startup. You only would use it if you have Kodi installed.

@Miki The Open Wizard guide shows how it works.

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Ah, OK, thanks. Probably not what I need then.

Thank you for the article I already posted. Not sure what you’re trying to help me with but I know what the wizard does and how, but thanks for thinking of me. Have fun and STREAM ON.

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@Miki Sorry for the confusion, was trying to direct the person having problems to the article that you posted. Just copied you to keep you in the loop :relaxed:

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Aha lol. That’s the trouble with txt you can miss intent. But don’t sweat it, I can get easily confused. :crazy_face: :face_with_thermometer:

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