Kodi fails to install after download

No problem downloading 18 or 19 stable versions but neither will install on my firestick. Fork for 18 or 19 install no problem. Suggestions?

How much memory storage is remaining,?

Version 19.4 is best.

The biggest problem on the stick is that it doesn’t have much storage. A full blown kodi is huge and you will need to start with about 2-3gig free, on the stick, before attempting a full build. It is highly recommended that you use one of Troy’s Kodi forks and just add one or two addons.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!.

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I have a 64 G external installed. Most downloads go directly to it.

But again adding Kodi onto a USB Drive and trying to use it attached to a stick may cause issues as the drive must send and recieve data to the stick, resulting in slow response times and adding exponentially to the possibility of data loss or corruption. For the best response and to cut down on buffering, it is recommended that these I/O intensive apps like Stremio, Tivimate, VPNs, and Kodi all be put directly onto the stick for the best performance.

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