Kodi error message

When clicking links to start movie/tv show, I get an error message. Says Check error log for more information. Tried to follow some online processes and got access to the error log but still can’t access links

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Would be very helpful if you could give us more info.
What Device/OS? What Kodi version? What addon?

Sorry. New to this. Firestick. Kodi 19.3 and the crew add on

Ok so you may have missed my posts regarding this exact issue. The Crew, for some reason I don’t have the ability to fathom, or know who to send the logs to, does not work well on the Firesticks FireTV OS. So after much work TP-Dracoo gave me a suggestion and I haven’t looked back, install Mad Titan. It works perfectly.

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Yes. I missed your post. Sorry about that. Just created account today. And tried to scroll through and didn’t see anything. Wasn’t sure if it was a kodi issue or crew. Thanks for the assist!!

Looked into mad titan. This appears to be only sports. Looking for movies and shows. I followed multiple possible fixes, reinstalled and cleared cadge but still getting error message in kodi thru The crew add on. Tried couple other add ons like Asgard and seren. Same issue error message check log

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Nope. Mad titan has movies, sports, live tv, kids etc.FYI, with a suggestion from a Kodi user and pointing to an article that a bunch of addons don’t work in 19.3, he recommended I drop down to 19.2. That’s where I’m using Mad Titan.

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Most addons should work with 19.3. Python 3 is kodi 19. I’m not entirely sure if individuals like mad titan was updated for it but it’s included with the crew so it should be. Doesn’t hurt to downgrade to 19.2.

Find what works, just remember anything 19 or higher is python 3 if you run 18.9 you will need to find 18.9 addons.


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