KODI clear cache question

When you clear the KODI cache, do you Force Stop then Clear Cache?
KODI takes a long time to clear its cache.
Is there a correct combination or it doesen’t matter?
KODI always seems to be running in the background too.

re: Firestick 4K - settings - applications - manage installed applications - kodi

Are you using a build? I’ve always had cache clear instantly when I hit the button, but I only use one add-on. I don’t think it matters which order you do it in. But if you force close it and then find it running in the background again and you never opened the app then that’s curious. Something has to be starting it automatically. Mine starts when my device restarts. A bunch of other apps do too. I haven’t figured out how to prevent that. But if you use that background apps and processes task killer you can white list the apps you want to keep running. Then you can just hit the close all button to kill the rest instead of clicking one at a time.

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no build
Was using Diggz Xenon Plus build.
Went back to KODI 19.3 and The Crew add on.
I do a lot of restarts.
Then I find KODI open in the “Background apps and process list”
Thanks for your reply, new to this and wanted to makes sure I wasn’t doing it wrong.

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