Kodi Cache Increase to Solve Slow Read Rate


I followed instructions in this link to increase cache. This link shows how to do it using the Crew Wizard. Does this only increase the cache settings for Crew Addon or does it apply to other Kodak addons I have installed like Seren?
If I need to modify cache elsewhere can someone please help me? I have nvidia shield pro with nexus 20 and have a MacBook Pro.

You have to change it in each addon.

How do I change it to affect Seren?

Do I need to make an advancedsettings.xml file?
Or can I modify settings within Seren somehow?

Do I need a PC to make an advancedsettings.xml file because I only have a Mac and iPhone.


So let’s back up. Is this in an effort to try and solve Kodi buffering within add-ons? Normally increasing cache for these would only be necessary for low end devices, not something like the Nvidia Shield. Tell us what your main issue is and why you think increasing cache is the best way to fix it?

How to Fix Kodi Buffering and Stuttering (February 2023) – Kodi-Guide.com

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Was experiencing some read rate too slow. Mostly watching large file 4k movies that overall run smooth. Using real debrid and does not seem to be issue on that end. Internet connection is extremely fast.
Installed open wizard and adjusted cache. Seems to have solved it!!!

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