Kodi cache 0 on Firestick 4k max w/usb

I have Kodi 19.3 installed on a Firestick 4K max with usb drive. The installation shows up both under Manage Installed Apps and under My Firestick USB Manage Installed Apps. In both cases, the cache shows 0 bytes. Does this mean that I can’t clear the cache when Kodi is messing up or is this just an error in the way the cache is displayed?

Welcome Mac go into settings>applications>managed installed apps and look at what that says the Kodi cache is.

I have the same issue. Whether you use “manage applications” or “ manage usb” the Kodi cache will show 0 and cannot be cleared.
A problem when Kodi freezes and needs to be cleared. To clear, I have to move Kodi to the internal memory, clear, then move it back to the usb. Hope there’s an answer for this.


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