Kodi Builds not being allowed to install on Fire Cubes with updated Operating System

After updating the Operating System of a Fire Cube Kodi is unable to install a Build. All Jailbreak settings have been made. Kodi v 19.3 or any previous versions installed. Kodi shows the Wizard add-on installed but when it comes time to download the build, Kodi comes up with a download error. I have tried several versions of Kodi and several different Builds and always come up with the same results. Has anyone found a solution for this?


Ether you are doing something incorrectly or you lack the storage space for the build.

You can still run kodi builds. Which build?

I was trying to install Doomzday Smokin Build on the Cube which I installed on my first gen Fire Stick about a weeks before.
I even checked my settings against a few Jail Breaking Fire Stick videos including the video on this site, and every setting is the same.
Followed instructions for installing the Builds from online step by step instructions.
Storage space indicates I have plenty of storage space.
My Dad thinks that it might be the Internet Provider blocking the download for the Build content. Is that a possibility? Not sure why it allowed me to download it for my first gen fire stick if it is.
I have had this issue with 2 Fire Cubes now that I have updated to the latest version Operating System so any help you or anyone else can provide would be great.

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