Kodi builds and addon keep disappearing from my Nvidea Sheild

I have a Nvidia Sheild an have loaded kodi 19.3 on it . I have loaded bulds and addons on it and after a day they all just disappesred I have tried many tims and they only last about a day then they disappear . My settings also go back to it’s original state . I can’e add any repos , addons or chance settings . Everything dose stay for about a day then everthing is gone again . I have Kodi loaded on a fire stick an it works great . I don’t get it . Any ideas ?


Try doing this:

I done that setting when I started loading the box . It’s not that .


Run a adware/malware/anti virus. They do the delete themselves, also make sure you have the right apks and apps from the right place.

The rai has you covered.

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I did that an showed nothing

My settings are allso not staying . I installed the logging program an it deleted on it’s own . Nothing in kodi works for more than won day .

Hi @scooterboy952
Read through the thread. I might suggest it may be time to uninstall and do a fresh install of Kodi, assuming nothing has changed as far as your device is concerned.

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I done that many time . Still dose the same thing .

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