KODI Build Clean Cut

Is there a clean cut, bare bones kodi build? I don’t like the graphics, joker, etc on home page.

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Not offensive but just adding a video addon like crew and oath or siren is about as clean as it comes.

Honestly that’s better than a build. No build.


No offense taken. I thought that might be the case.
Thank you.

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Is it possible to install a build without Kodi like Xanax did?

Xanax is a Kodi build. Without Kodi there is nothing. I don’t understand what you’re asking.

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Back when, Troypoint app had Xanax listed to download the apk and install without having to install Kodi. Xanax had its own icon on the home page and to use it all we had to do was click on that icon. It was a Kodi build but we did not have to install Kodi first. Now I have to install Kodi then install the Build but cannot load any other addons in Kodi only the one Build. I hope I am making myself clear.


Welcome to the forums btw. And you are clear yes.

You have to install kodi then build now.

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