Kodi/app installer

I just down loaded the app installer.how do I use it to load the apps into my Kodi

I might not be understanding your question 100 percent right. If you are talking about the apk apps from the rapid installer, those apps don’t actually go on the kodi, they are stand alone apps, that are on your fire stick once you download them! Like Cinema, or cyberflix, etc… hope that helps hopefully!

Thanks for the reply but I was asking about the apps that get down loaded into Kodi. I’m assuming that do get loaded into Kodi

Not sure I understand the question, but I’ll try to clarify. As hbublow said, the Rapid App Installer has NOTHING to do with Kodi. If you install Kodi using the Xanax build (by far the easiest way to do it), all the apps that appear are there for you to use (note - after you install Xanax/Kodi, wait about 5 minutes before you do anything so all of the links can be updated).

In order to save memory space on your device, not all of the apks are installed. If you click on an apk that is not “pre-installed”, it will ask you if you want to install it. Otherwise, you’re good to go (although you’ll have to use the “Tools” or “Setup” menu in the apk to activate Real Debrid, if you are an RD subscriber).

Finally, if there are apks that you want to install in Kodi, this can be done. I would refer you to one of Troy’s tutorials on the subject so you can get it done as painlessly as possible.

Hope this helps!