Kodi and VPN can they be used together

Can I use MacAfee VPN with KODI? I have McAfee already and I am a college student that does not have a lot of available cash!

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Hi @Bucnup4099
Sure can.

I actually have thought about it but I don’t use my vpn. They just try to control too much. Set you out a jar and put $4 in every week and you have it paid for. Lol. I just trust a system that dedicates their resources for just a VPN. I’m not sure with Kodi how it would do but with all the builds I would just feel safer w someone that spends all of their resources in making the best vpn.

I looked up to see about it. They didn’t mention Kodi but they did say some sites won’t allow because it want listed as just a true vpn. Try it out go to leak test.com and see if they show any problems. All you can do is try and see what happens

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