Kodi and real debrid

Downloads from kodi via real debris have become painfully slow.


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What device you using kodi on?

I would recommend cleaning up some apps data and cache and restart. Maybe re authorize debrid restart and try again.

Also downloads? Or streamed?

Downloads are server sided capped.

Downloads or streams? I’m pretty sure downloads are capped for speed on the server side. No matter what my speed tests say or what settings I’ve changed the downloads are always the same.

I’m on a 2nd gen FireTV box. I have Xanax (Kodi 18.9) loaded, but have been unable to stream anything. I’m getting a message about the library not having a source. Nothing plays. I haven’t been using RD at all and know that I need to use this service only which is the best RD service to use? There seems to be so many.

Should I delete Xanax and reload another build (Green Monster seems to be a good one)? Is there a great source for a beginner to learn about KODI and how to configure it for a great experience? Thanks in advance!


They’re so many guides on kodi and their builds. You can find them with search function.

My advice would be to get rid of the build. Install kodi then put on crew seren venom addon.

The crew will offer best free links. But for best links get the real debrid and link it to all three.

Real debrid and crew info.

All you need is in that link.

Thank you Dracoo! I appreciate your help.


No problem.

I hope you get all fixed up :slight_smile:

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