Kodi addon issue

I need some clarification.

I use Surfshark vpn.
I’m using a Nvidia shield pro with Kodi 19.4 and the Diggz Xenon v8.9 build. I have add-ons Seren and Crew with RD active. No issues most of the time watching tv series.

What I don’t understand is a specific series I like to watch will work great and then randomly not have any playable sources. I understand when it is too early “not aired and giving the servers time to upload” but days after seems odd when other tv series we follow doesn’t pose this problem.
Now over a week has passed and the next episode is available and has playable sources but the previous weeks still does not. :man_shrugging:t2: This is the same issue with Seren and Crew. Do they both use the same sources?

I have also reauthorized RD with no change.

This is rather bizarre. Without being able to talk about specific TV series doesn’t help either. I have been using KODI for over 5 years and the Crew for as long as it has been around and have never experienced this. I assume your RD sub has days remaining on it?

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Not even, more like months.

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Am I allowed to be more specific in chat?

Not all tv shows are on RD nearly all of the tv shows are but a rare few of them either upload to RD really late like after entire season has aired or not at all I have a few shows I have to use the subscription service to see

Thanks. The odd thing here is no issues until mid season. Flawless week after week and then this happens. I’ve experienced this with the same network and show in the past when i used to use Cinema.

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The most important factor to consider, someone has to ‘host’ and either upload or seed the content you require. If its a popular series than there should be multiple sources putting it online and making it available. Lesser known or older content is more likely to disappear.

Understandable for sure. This is a current season show/series that is very popular. Hence my confusion when the issue started mid season. :man_shrugging:t2:

In that case, sure is a a strange one! Would it be possible you are somehow blocking the series, even if you could do that? Only way is a name check. :sunglasses: on the series and see if someone else gets returns on the same App and device etc?

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I sent you a PM Jona.


As it pertains to shows using these methods please us direct msg or personal chat as pm. People here are more than willing! Enjoy!.

I’ve had this issue too with KODI - i use it exclusively to watch my tv shows - best thing is it omits commercials (which i can’t stand!)
If Crew is lacking playback options for the week previous, try another video add-on. I’ve used ‘Homelander’ & ‘Nightwing’ - checking one found what the other did not. You can get both of these by installing ‘Skeleton Crew’. Installation instructions by Troy found here:

No. Only in private messenger

What?? Did i break the rules?

I only mentioned Skeleton Crew build created by one of our members here - we talked about it for months!

If i did, sorry for my indiscretion - totally done out of ignorance!

But…I STILL LOVE KODI!!! :upside_down_face:

Oh I thought you were asking if you could discuss name of tv programs :rofl:

Ah no, but i can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s ‘copyright infringement’ to view a since aired show a few days later on another option besides a telco co. - my IPTV provider pulled that crapola on me when explaining why they got rid of catchup!
The only reason he got rid of it was 1) it’s a bugger to maintain & takes alot of processing power from your server(s) & 2) it’s expensive. I finally got him to admit it to me that was the case - mind you, he was ‘under the influence’ of some substance, legal or otherwise! :upside_down_face:

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Yeah catch-up tv users more server space for sure and yeah more maintenance.

A guy in Australia who’s setting up a IPTV service i’m helping set up ONE channel for catchup. Worked great then it was gone. Asked him why, he said it takes too much space - say whaaaa? One smeasly channel mate - please! He said maybe when he had more customers he’d add catchup.
Getting out my fishin’ pole to catch me some ‘fish’ 'cos i want my catchup!

Promise and Homelander are far better than Crew for TV shows also Nightwing.


Can I use Real Debrid with those?

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