Kodi add ons not finding tv shows

Was that for me? Because I didn’t mean to apply that trakt has aptomble I meant I use trakt tmdb the tvdb tmdb mdbi kimis they all work fine thank goodness I notice that they changedapi keys from v3 to v4 I believe that’s what is not sending info for imbd

I’ve upgraded to latest Kodi and have been using Scrubs V2 and successfully watched 12 seasons of Silent Witness on BBC. Now all I get are no streams error messages. I’ve tried different add on’s and use IPVanish. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It’s working for me today, it sometimes brings back links for shows in “Rabbitstream” format, which won’t play, but if you if you leave it for a a few days then more links become available.
If you want to watch Silent Witness, download BBC iPlayer, and set your VPN to UK, and everything will play.

Any update on this issue. I am experiencing the same thing. A few days ago, both of my kodi devices quit finding anything on the TV side. Movies still pull up correctly. I have reinstalled on both devices and verified RD account. Not sure what would effect TV shows and not movies.

This is an older post. First time i seen it. Seems odd to only have one gove results.

Are you using Kodi 21 now?
What addons are you using?

Same here I don’t have RD but did get tv old shows on the free add ons now only select tv shows will download had to delete all my tv series on favorites even after re downloading KODI then Troypoint with Diggz builds 3.0 free.