Kodi add ons not finding tv shows

@Miki I just asked them about that first of week. Support said techs are working on that

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They handed me the same line of BS over 6 months ago. When I pressed them on it their reply was, “they don’t care about streaming”.

Every so often, I can get access for a minute or two. I started looking to see if I had a DNS leak because one time when I turned firewall on and off, I got access. It didn’t last. I am on Linux Mint. Anyone out there know how to check DNS, set DNS, or any other thing to try in case there is some network setting issue, or DNS blocking of some kind happening? I also use NordVPN

You can use Ipleaktest.com or any of the other to see if you have a leak. You can manual set your dns configuration in your network settings.

That’s what I am working on now, but don’t know how to do it. I am in the research phase of figuring it out. More info if/when I do :crossed_fingers:

I had an interesting issue occur a couple of weeks ago. On my firestick 4K, while running Diggs Xenon, Promise/Crew and Surfshark, I was getting no streams available on TV and Movies and running RD. I still have ipvanish loaded because I could not cancel and get a refund on automatic renewal. I shut down Surfshark and used IPvanish. Everything worked perfectly with IPVanish. The next day I tried Surfshark and it again worked fine. I have no idea why.

I tend to agree. Once I loaded proton and shutdown SS, my streams started working too. There were times when I would be watching something and it would shutdown and I discovered it was SS doing it

I’m running Kodi 19.5 and primarily using scrubs v2 and surfshark. When I have the VPN connected I get no streams after a search. When I disconnect the VPN I get up to 30 streams after a search. Have never had this before. Is there a setting on surfshark I have to change?

I’ve tried it and it doesn’t make any difference in finding streams with or without surfshark,what are you searching for?

Yes because of kill switch thanks that it does that surfsark is the fastest n safest von troy is on it been with him for years and is one of the most trusted I’ve come across so I tried to support all his recommendations. Just got to remember you don’t want to be watching something and your VPN goes down you don’t want vpns storing your information your data those are the two biggest strongest points plus it’s one of the fastest

Depends on the shows

SS? What do you mean?

Thats why I’m asking, I don’t get any streams zero with my VPN connected. I disconnect it and get up to 40 streams it doesn’t matter what show. I would rather have the VPN connected like I have done forever.

Okay so what country is the VPN connected to?
What country are you in?

Good questions we are very lucky to have Troy. Can’t be making millions I’m disabled n I couldn’t afford to watch have the stuff I say this because it’s guys like u that ask the right question

Im having the same problem. Xenon came out with 3.6 so I updated it last night with a clean install of kody. Now having difficulties finding streams. Yes i have and use RD

Same here but I don’t use RD ……search for non debrid add ons…never had problem now it is hit miss …use Asgard non debrid section scrubs use to be good now mostly DB only…homelandervall DB …stilll get good movies but search of movies usually finds DB only thus must reset to home to get out of DB mode as you can not cancel search once debrid on.

There is an issue with IMDB database at the moment it’s been like this for a week now, so non of the free apps are finding streams, including Scrubsv2, Lab etc, TMDB is working okay.

And tvdb ,simki mdbi and trakt

What issues are there with Trakt? I use Trakt every day it is how I access my shows and movies in KODI and nothing has changed for me on that end