Kodi 21 Omega - Details, Features, & Download Links

Well i downloaded kodi onto my phone and it is automatically set to 4x when i opened it.

After i downloaded the Diggz Debrid Only Xenon 3.0 is changed to adaptive.

But my screen looks a little different than yours. One shows basic kodi and the other after I installed the build.

I’d just leave it alone if you arent having any issues.

From my research this is more for advanced users and requires the entering of codes to modify the programmed chunk sizes, and even then your changes are not a given that they’ll work. If you want to get that deep into it, or just want to learn what those settings do, then I suggest doing an online search and start reading.

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I guess a simpler way to ask is why I can’t get 4k max sticks to work with any Kodi add ons on any version of Kodi. Set up exactly like my 3rd gen 4k stick which works perfectly.

That seems strange.

What addons? Using Real Debrid or similar? Do you get results and then it won’t play?

Yes using real debrid. Using crew fen lite and coalition. It will play an episode for instance then as soon as you go to the next episode black screen. Have to hit home button to get back. Then click another episode and solid red screen. I’ve tried older 4k max and brand new one. Same issues.

No idea why that would happen. Do you have “auto play the next episode” with the addons set up? Are you using a build?

I’ll be over a friend’s later this week that has a 4k max fs. Not sure if they still use Kodi. I’ll see if i can check.

Not using auto play or a build. Set up exactly like my 4k stick which works perfectly. Was just hoping to get more storage with the new 4k max and external drive capabilities. Thank you for your help.

No problem. So what do you have to do to get the next episode to play?

I can’t. I just get red screen. I got so discouraged I reset to factory default and sent it back to Amazon. Defeated lol🥴

Ok if my friend still has kodi I’ll see if he has the problem. Otherwise i guess you solved the problem for yourself. Lol

Is Kodi 21 ready for download?I tried and tried and just could not get to download.Please help.

yes it is if you do a search troy has instructions

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I’ll even do the legwork.

If this isn’t working after you have gone through Troy’s instructions, please post a more detailed description of what is happening so that we can try to help.


nice one


I got it to work :+1:t6:

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I am using Kodi 21.0 and when I went to use it today no streams are available. All the links show up but no streams. Using a Amazon Box. What is the fix? Thanks

Do you have a Real Debrid subscription? Your not going to find many (if at all) playable streams in KODI without RD

I’ll ask the obvious…

Is you Debrid account active? They can expire without notification.

I have undated my kodi and am trying superman build on 20.5 w fork and Kodi Omega with Xenon build. Unfortunately most of the movies are not available on either build Any suggestions especially builds for Kodi Omega.

What Addons are you using? And see my post above. Do you have Real Debrid?