Kodi 19 Problems

Multiple problems with this new version.
1-Although I have always opted for manual updates and not auto, Kodi 19 installed itself without my permission! As such all my addons and preferences have been wiped out. A lot of time and effort in creating my own build, only to see it disappear.
2-Seren installed ok, but not functioning properly. When filling out search field, then clicking on the auto-suggestion, it crashes Kodi. Search item must be typed out correctly and in full each time. Also does not remember previous searches.
3-Neither Oath or Revolution installed. In both instances I get “Open Scrapers Module is not compatible with this version of Kodi”.
I have to say this experience has left me debating the logic of continuing with Kodi.
I hope others are having more success then I.

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Hello @wpfitchard this is why I created the Kodi 18.9 Fork. You can install this on your device and use both 19 and 18.9. Use Both Kodi 19 & Kodi 18.9 on Firestick or Android TV Box - Best of Both Worlds - YouTube and here is how to turn off automatic updates in future - How to Turn Off Automatic App Updates on Android Devices (2021) I think it will be awhile until these 3rd party addon/build devs are up to speed with this new release. Keep in mind that Kodi doesn’t care one bit about these 3rd party addons or builds so the complaints that they receive regarding this doesn’t go too far. Have you tried using Syncler? Assuming you are using Real-Debrid, Synlcer is great.


Hi Troy, thanks for your input.
Automatic updates were and have always been disabled on my Kodi install. That’s why I was shocked when it immediately upgraded on startup.
Your 18.9 fork will be incredibly useful for many, however I will be taking this opportunity to simply un/reinstall Kodi 18.9 with just a few select addons. Then I’ll wait for the 3rd party devs to catch up to v19.
Spring cleaning time!