Kodi 19.5 Release with Fixes, Features, & Update Instructions


Great news. Can’t wait for the 19.5 Troypoint fork.:rofl: Please


You are the greatest :raising_hand_man: Thanks so much.


Nobody judge, I’m no Kodi expert, but I woke up today curious about updating my 19.4 Fork. I read all the instructions, and I can get 19.5 Fork, but at that point I would have to reinstall the repositories/add-ons that I had in the 19.4 Fork, right? There is no way to update the 19.4 to 19.5 to save the add-ons, or copy them, right? Sorry for being that guy if this is a dumb question :sweat_smile:.

Note: I don’t have a build, just individual add-ons. The Crew, Asgard, Mad Titan, Seren, etc. Before I start reinstalling these manually and individually, figured I would ask.

Also, I found that Mad Titan doesn’t run on 19.4 anymore apparently? It errors out.

Thanks for the 19.5 Fork Troy. Pulled it out of the toolbox yesterday and now can test/have a backup of some more Builds

I don’t know of anyway to update 19.4 fork to 19.5 fork without starting over. But you can keep using 19.4 until 19.5 is exactly the way you want it.:smile:

I went through and tested the add-ons that I had loaded into 19.4 (I don’t use them often). Mad Titan refused to work. I uninstalled/reinstalled and still came up an error. I guess I just assumed since 19.5 is the most stable now, maybe that was the reason. I uninstalled 19.4 and just added a few to 19.5, as I figured the answer was I would have to manually reload add-ons. Guess it won’t be as much work when 20 becomes stable lol.