Kodi 19.5 downloaded on my tv

I have Kodi 19.5 downloaded on my tv, but when I turn tv on the next day it has Kodi 20 downloaded.
What do I need to correct it so it stays at Kodi 19.5?

More info would be nice, what kind of tv or device is this on? If it’s a device with Google play store on it, there is a setting in there to turn off automatic updates.

You need to uninstall and reinstall kodi 19.5 and turn off auto update.

I have Nvidia shield on my tv…

I’ve uninstalled twice and still does it…

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I don’t have a shield :confused: sad to say. But I think @TP-Dracoo might be directing you to a setting inside the kodi app to turn off automatic updates. Other than that if Google play store is on that device I would check settings in there for automatic updates.

Yes, that or you are installing 20 and not kodi 19.5. Ise our toolbox that will get you what you need and turn off updates.

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Troypoint tool box kodi 19.5 is what i used both times
I went to the shield and disabled Google updates…so will see what happens
And also went to Diggz Xenon addons and put in no updates but let me know

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